About Village

The village was founded by fugitives from Galicia in 1612 . The village had 19 houses and the church already in 1649.Church devastated by Tatars, mentioned in 1691.
The wooden church of the Holy Spirit with two bells mentioned in 1733 by the priest Stephen Hlushkovych.The first wooden church was on Kycherkah but was burned (now on that place is wooden cross), the second was on Zahrobyschah (on the end of the village) and also was burned. Last wooden church was built on the Russian Top , where now on a place of throne stands on Iron Cross XVIII century. This church was burned from the candle on Easter. The present stone church stands in the middle of the village on the place of wooden church. On the land that was donated by Tudir's family, for what they are buried near the church. Church was built in 1882 by the priest Basil Meysarosha, and in 1884 – consecrated. The people are talking that the children walking to and from the school, had to bring by one stone for the construction. So they were involved in general case and they will remember it whole lifetime.
Summer of 1904, Fr. Bartholomew Halaktovych blessed iconostasis renewed (obviously painted) by the curator Hlka Tydira for what the artist Bela Mihali (in the journal "Science" in 1904 - Michael White) received 810, and his assistant Gerber - 600 Austrian crowns. 4000 crowns on the iconostasis and other needs as a resul from sale urbarialnoho forests, the money was sent by Yartym Basil, Theodore, John and another John Tydiry, Basil Mitsa from America.
A native of the village writer and ethnographer Vasil Pahyrya gives interesting information from cash book Scherbovetc church, which was from 1895 to 1948. So, the construction of cross near the church cost 1312 Czechoslovak crowns in 1920. Allocated 2529 crowns for the purchase of Bell in 1925. Known artist Julius Virah received for drawing a cross 1000 crowns in 1927. Also was built a wooden tower by curator Andrew Tydira and Basil Hamovycha near the church in 1928, which now - 4 bells (oldest bell is "John" and the youngest "Alex" bought in 1936 by Mary Ryashko in memory of Oleksa Berenycha her husband, who was killed in America), for which a masters received 1890 , and on the acquisition of coat went 100 crowns. Beautiful two-tier structure is similar in shape to other bell Volovechchyny, but larger. They say that while the bell tower was covered by gont, the Bell Tolls came to the neighboring villages, and after overlap tin bell was no longer heard. From 1895 to 1905 the village priest was Joseph Papp, the Fr. John Kvakovskoho is mentioned only in 1905, until 1923 the priest was Andrew Shymshon and his successors were John bellow, Michael Felbaba and possibly other priests. The last Greek Catholic priest was Stefan Grygorovych., who was in Siberian labor camps from 1950 to 1956
Source: M. Syrokhman Church in Ukraine: Transcarpathia. - Lv.: 2000, p. 321 - 322.