Transcarpathia ... What a wonderful significance in this word ... Beautiful firs formed step by step a huge green forest of Transcarpathia, and crystal clear air. This is it - Transcarpathia. Who had the opportunity of making good health and rest in Carpathians, must throw a coin and belief that will come back.

And who has never breathed air of Transcarpathia didn"t roamed its forests should definitely do this, the most exciting in your life journey.
And among this magnificence of Transcarpathia, in a beautiful corner of the Transcarpathian highland that affects its environmental friendliness, spread village Scherbovets.
Come here – means to dive with head into the magical world of Transcarpathia. And during the rest of the soul and body don't worry about where you will sleep and eat, we offer you a new cozy homestead "Scherbovets."
Ease location - in the middle of comforting array, allowing you to start making healthy breathing of healthful aroma that is coming from firs, 5 km from the ski slope in the tract Zhdeniyevo Tyrsovata, 22 km from w / railway station Volovets - provides easy access to the house.

Guests can comfortably accommodate in two cozy cottages, each one with up to eight people. The cottages are equipped with all necessary amenities. Guests in any case will not feel any uncomfortables. If you want you can prepare meals yourself. If you get tired watching on beauty Transcarpathia, guests can take a shower. And for lovers of good fume will be made real Russian bania( bath) on wood, after which all ills as arm lift.

Now imagine: a warm windless night, the stars in the mountains hanging so low that it seems just reach up and going to get to heaven. You sit around flaming fire by night and carried around flavor meat or vegetables which are cooked on the grill, provided for guests. And the rest in homestead Scherbovets seems to you certainly like a paradise.
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Купание в чане благоприятное для общего улучшения самочувствия, улучшает кровообращение, иммунитет, осуществляет терапевтическое воздействие на кожу читать полностью
Сложно представить зимние развлечения без горнолыжных спусков, захватывающей скорости и великолепия украинских Карпат. Именно здесь, в западной части читать полностью
Отдых в Карпатах представляет собой ни с чем несравнимое удовольствие, потому что именно здесь сочетаются активное времяпрепровождение, живописные читать полностью